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iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G was sent off in India in August 2008, under a year after it was first revealed by Apple in quite a while. Evaluated at Rs 31,000 for the 8GB model and Rs 36,100 for the 16GB variation, the iPhone 3G was very costly contrasted with different telephones accessible in India around then.

At the authority send-off, Vodafone was the main transporter offering the iPhone 3G in India. Airtel and different suppliers began offering it a couple of months after the fact.

The high estimating restricted its enticement for tip-top and well-to-do purchasers for the most part in metro urban areas. For setting, Nokia’s top-end Nseries cell phones cost around Rs 30,000 in 2008 while BlackBerry gadgets were evaluated between Rs 15,000-30,000. So Apple situated the iPhone 3G in the super exceptional portion.

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Price in India

India’s cell phone market was still in its earliest stages in 2008. BlackBerry was the first ‘cell phone’ brand to acquire ubiquity among experts and business leaders. Apple saw a chance to enter the very good quality market with the iPhone’s special touchscreen point of interaction and biological system of applications on the iOS Application Store.

In any case, the iPhone 3G got a tepid reaction at first. For Indian shoppers used to sub-$200 telephones, processing the iPhone’s top-notch pricing was hard. Reasonableness was the principal obstacle. Additionally, the shortfall of 3G organizations restricted its allure since the iPhone 3G was intended to exploit quicker versatile web speeds.

In the initial not many months after send-off, Apple cut the iPhone 3G cost by around 25%. This supported deals impressively. Further limits and advancements during bubbly deals helped drive volumes. Apple additionally expanded its retail presence by extending the quantity of Apple’s selective stores.

Apple iPhone SE 3 2022

By 2009, the iPhone began getting forward momentum supported by the send-off of less expensive models like the iPhone 3GS. More Indian purchasers got used to purchasing more costly cell phones. The quick development of 3G organizations towards the decade’s end extended the objective market for the iPhone and other 3G-empowered gadgets.

The presentation of lower-evaluated Android telephones in 2010 gave extreme contest to the iPhone. Homegrown brands like Micromax additionally sent off reasonable cell phones for the general population.

Apple’s superior evaluating methodology kept it from completely profiting from the democratization of the cell phone market in India. In any case, the optimistic allure of the iPhone assisted Apple with laying out traction that it would later expand upon.

In a range of two years, the iPhone 3G went from being a super top-notch contraption to a more reasonable extravagance telephone reachable for upper working-class buyers.

Apple increases price

When Apple stopped the iPhone 3G for more up-to-date models, it had made a dynamic cell phone biological system and culture that changed the Indian telecom scene for eternity. The iPhone promoted the touchscreen interface and application stores that are underestimated today.

While the underlying reception of the iPhone 3G was slow, Apple sought after a drawn-out procedure that has delivered rich profits throughout the past ten years. As the cell phone market filled dramatically in India, Apple slowly expanded its piece of the pie.

iPhone 12 and 13

Current models like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are among the top-of-the-line premium cell phones in India. This delineates how the iPhone 3G laid the basis that empowered Apple to set up a good foundation for itself as a main tech brand in India.

So in rundown, the high evaluation of the iPhone 3G restricted its mass allure during the underlying send-off ease in India. Yet, over its lifecycle, cutthroat valuing, more extensive retail accessibility, development of 3G organizations and advancing shopper conduct helped the iPhone 3G increase acknowledgment among premium purchasers and early tech adopters.

This set up Apple to fabricate its presence in the Indian cell phone market, which is at present positioned as the world’s second-biggest cell phone market behind China.

The iPhone 3, sent off by Apple in 2007, denoted a huge achievement in the development of cell phones. In any case, starting around my last information update in September 2021, I can’t give the specific cost of the iPhone 3 in India. In any case, I can positively give you a thorough outline of the iPhone 3, its elements, and its verifiable importance in the cell phone industry.

Prologue to the iPhone 3:

The iPhone 3 was the third era of iPhones delivered by Apple Inc. It followed the first iPhone and the iPhone 3G, and it assumed a significant part in molding the cutting-edge cell phone scene. The gadget consolidated an inventive plan, cutting-edge innovation, and an easy-to-use interface, making way for the outcome of the resulting iPhone models.

Elements and Determinations:

The iPhone 3 included a few critical progressions over its ancestors. It flaunted a smooth and thin plan with a 3.5-inch touchscreen show. While the showcase goal was somewhat low by the present principles, it was a critical improvement over past models.

One of the main upgrades in the iPhone 3 was the presentation of the Application Store, which permitted clients to download and introduce outsider applications. This component altered how individuals utilized cell phones, changing them from specialized gadgets into flexible devices for efficiency, and amusement, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The iPhone 3 was controlled by Apple’s A-GPS innovation, which empowered precise area following and route. Moreover, it presented a 3G network, empowering quicker information speeds contrasted with its ancestor. This improvement upgraded the general perusing and application use insight.

The gadget was accessible in different capacity limits, ordinarily going from 8GB to 32 GB. While this could appear to be restricted by the present norms, it was viewed as significant at that point, given the substance and application sizes of that time.

Verifiable Importance:

The iPhone 3 was a unique advantage in the cell phone industry. Its presentation of the Application Store changed how individuals utilized cell phones and prompted the production of a tremendous environment of uses taking care of various requirements and interests. This shift denoted the start of the versatile application upheaval, which keeps on forming the business today.

Moreover, the iPhone 3’s accentuation on plan and client experience set a benchmark for different makers to follow. Its touch-driven interface and instinctive signals turned into the norm for current cell phones. The iPhone 3’s effect was significant to the point that it affected the improvement of working frameworks, equipment plans, and client cooperation standards into the indefinite future.


The iPhone 3 was an urgent item in Apple’s set of experiences and the cell phone industry in general. Its imaginative highlights, including the Application Store, 3G network, and easy-to-use interface, prepared for the cutting-edge cell phone period. While I can’t give the specific cost of the iPhone 3 in India starting around my last update, its enduring effect on innovation and society is evident.

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